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Maelstrom Scotland Trip 2012 (part 3)

Saturday Another late ish start with a hearty breakfast prepared by Rob. Chris and I stripped the spinnaker winches re-greased and put back together. Getting boat sorted now for today's trip to Crinan. All showered and smelling lovely. Well, as lovely as week old pants and socks get. Lol. Looking forward to a nice sail if the forcast is correct. Easterly winds about 15knts should make for comfy and quick sailing. Ok forecast not quite correct winds  were north easterly anything from 18knts down to 6. So started off with full main and number 3 but were soon up to number 1 and full main. Wind died for last 2 hours so motored and arrived in Gallanach Bay Crinan at 2115. Dropped hook and set upon a glass of wine each. Rob cooked a chicken madras for tea followed by bananas, enjoyed while listening to some classical music. Oops and more wine. Solved the problem we have had with the chart plotter today as it wasn't showing as much detail as last years Scillies trip. Does help if you actually push the memory card into the slot Chris so the plotter can read it. Much better detail available now. Only took us 8 days to sort. Rob and I were Sequence champs last night with a stunning 3-1 victory over the grumpy old men. Late now time for bed.

Sunday Woke up this morning to a gentle breeze and the sun blazing in through the boat windows. Out in the cockpit now drinking tea courtesy of the skipper. Cheers mate. Stunning little bay with 2 other boats anchored nearby. Was 3 when we arrived so 1 left this morning. Listening to a cuckoo not far away, obviously enjoying the morning sun too. Heading off about 2 ish to catch the tide thro Dorus Mhor and down the Sound of Luing to Oban. Good tide with us and only 20 miles so shouldn't take too long. Not feeling too good this morning must have been the chicken madras, couldn't have possibly been the whisky. Ah well as the youngster of the crew I will obviously make these mistakes now and then. Hopefully the old fellas will look after me. Left Gallanach Bay at 2 with little or no wind so motored all the way to Oban where we tied up in the marina at 6-15pm. Quick shower and off on the courtesy ferry to Oban for something to eat. For those that don't know Oban marina is actually on Kerrera island opposite Oban town so a small courtesy ferry is available to get you back and fore. Having satisfied our hunger we caught the ferry back to the marina and had a quick pint at the marina bar. Not a good plan to miss the last ferry it's a long swim. Too many midges about so back on boat for some more non competitive cards and dice. Doug was untouchable at dice tonight winning 3 out of the 4 games. I took the only other win. Well time to top up on much needed beauty sleep.

Monday Lazy day today. Showered, cup of tea ( coffee for Rob ) and over to Oban for breakfast. Very nice too. Bit of a wander about and booked in for the half past 1 distillery tour. Half an hour early for that so popped around the corner for a swift pint. Tour was a fine way to while away an hour and a half and of course the obligatory wee dram at the end always helps. I may have come on this trip as a very rare whisky drinker but I will be able to give distilling  lectures by the time we get home. Very warm again today so decided to have another pint before heading to Tesco to replenish boat supplies. Unfortunately everyone else must have had the same idea as us for evening meal because Tesco had sold out of salad and fruit. Aw well Paella instead. Got some prawns, mussels, chicken and rice. Robs own cobbled together version. Back on board now, had nibbles and wine then sorted the sink tap, which has not been pumping. Water flowing now and chilling writing this while Chris does the DJ job. Think he is looking for Scottish music. Planning to sail off for a day tomorrow and probably back here to meet Ben who is coming up to swap over with Rob. Very good paella, Italian wine and French bread. Very European. Doug and Chris won Sequence again, sure one of them has played before. Time for bed.

Maelstrom Scotland Trip 2012 (part 2)

Wednesday Foggy morning today. Still, spirits lifted by Rob's full Scottish breakfast. Egg, black pudding, Lorne sausage, toast and instead of beans we had some tinned chilli tomatoes. (maybe Chris should take his glasses shopping with him) . Started with a bowl of tinned grapefruit. Departed Port Patrick a tad later than planned due to the yacht rafted to us. Got away at 11-15am hoping to have favourable tide all the way. Wind was South East so popped kite just outside harbour and carried it for 5 hours. Strange phenomenon where you see no other boats and then in comes the fog and suddenly engines and fog horns are all around you. Cracking sail tho. Nebraska, the boat that was moored in front of us reported 2 kayaks in the water (near him well off shore in thick fog) to Belfast coast guard to which they replied they knew. Apparently on passage from Port Patrick to Larne. Rather them than me. Another boat asked for radio check to be told they were Weak and Barely Readable. Reminded me of a Barbara Cartland novel !!!!!. Arrived at Rathlin Island Northern Ireland at 1900hrs. Lovely little place and cheap £14 for berthing, showers, electric and water. Can see why James likes it. Went ashore for the obligatory pint. Can recommend McCuaig's bar only £11.20 for 3 Guinness’s and a pint of lager. Cheaper than in the club. On boat now cooking evening meal at 2146. Eating late tonight. Just having a night cap then off to bed. Sleep well.

Thursday Up a bit later today and showered. Did some sorting of the boat including washing starling mess from Port Patrick, filling water tank and fuelling . Went out for breakfast and had an Ulster fry. Visited Rathlin museum to discover that Robert the Bruce hid there before his big battle. Lots of Eider ducks around the harbour and saw a seal pop in for a while. Left Rathlin at 1230am and headed off round the west end of the island. Put main up and killed engine so Chris and I could do a spot of fishing. Caught 4 mackerel so that was lunch sorted. Engine back on as forecast was for very little wind and headed for Islay some 25 miles away. Very pleasant day. Even managed a short bit of shirt off sunbathing. Fried mackerel and bread washed down with a Grolsh on a boat in a calm see. Does life get any better ( apart from being with my missus ). Saw a small pod of porpoise on our way, no dolphins yet tho. Arrived safely in Islay at 1700hrs. Lovely little marina. Very hot when we arrived to the point of tar bubbling on th road on our way to check out the local refreshment establishment. Lovely and cool in there. Called into Co-op to replenish red wine. Nearly bought a bunch of flowers for the table but considered the kitty may be better spent on a bottle of Whyte and Mackay. Was a close vote 4-0. Back on boat now for round 3 of Jennie's chilli, tonight will see it all gone. Was lovely chilli but there is only 4 of us. Even with Chris ( the gannet ) here. Tinned herring in sauce with baked bread to start. Me thinks we are spoilt by our chef and can only hope his replacement measures up. See ya soon Ben. Time for our little nightcap the off to sleep.

Friday Late start. I went for wander to try and locate showers etc but failed miserably. Chris found them 50 metres away in a B&B. Showers and toilet, just leave £3 in the honesty box on the floor for the shower. Rob doing breakfast now of kippers and poached egg. Mind you at 11.45am it is nearer lunch time. Staying here tonight and probably heading further north tomorrow. Cracking breakfast and headed off to Laphroaig distillery for the 2.15pm tour. Decided to walk as it was such a lovely day. Cost £4.80 to take the distillery tour but you get a free dram and keep the glass it comes in. Just have to make sure we don't break them for the rest of the trip. Had a couple of pints in the Ardview Inn having got a taxi back from distillery ( walk was further than we thought ). Called into Coop to replenish some food supplies. Back on boat now having eaten a fine meal of Scotch pies, tinned spuds, peas and gravy. Washing up next. Thinking of heading to Crinan tomorrow, weather permitting. Damn arduous this sailing lark. Nightcap time whilst playing dice and best of 3 at Sequence ( a card based board game played in pairs ) which Doug and Chris won 2-1. Just goes to show that age and experience wins over youth and good looks. Sleep time now. Bye.


Maelstrom Scotland trip 2012 Friday May 2012


Departed Hobbs point at 1800 after having a quick pint with friends and family. Heavy drizzle meant the forecast wind didn't materialise so we motor sailed away. Our favourite Chef Rob heated up peppered slices for tea with a nice hot cuppa.

Made good time thro the islands and got to Bishop around 9pm. Had a blocked engine fuel filter at 0300hrs which Doug spent more time than I could have handled in an engine bay smelling of diesel. Filter changed successfully Cheers Skip.  Continued to motor sail thro the night due to north easterly wind till Rob decided to put the number 4 up at 9am. Good winds up to 21 knots meant we were hard on the wind but happily holding 7 knots. Wind died at 5 so dropped number 4 and motor sailed again to maintain speed for the lock in at Peel. Just made lock in and arrived safely at 0030hours. Having a little nightcap now and then some well earned kip. Chris been a little poorly so hopefully a night in the calm and his bed will see him right. Time 0155hrs. Bugger me it's now 0345 and nearly daybreak so time for bed. Night cap indeed. Sleep well I hope.

Sunday Woke up to Chris putting kettle on and wanting food. He must be feeling better. Had a cracking breakfast courtesy of Rob. Took a stroll to yacht club to find they were having their annual regatta. Lovely showers and quite friendly folk. Looking fresh and to be honest  smelling better we had a wander around town and sampled some Davidson award winning ice cream. Late afternoon saw a very civilised couple of hours listening to Neil Diamond and Susan Boyle whilst sipping wine accompanied by crab claws. The sun was up and the mood was mellow.

Evening crept up as fast as the wine bottle emptied so we went to find our evening

meal. The pub Doug and I visited 2 years ago with Sian's sister Linda was full so ended up in the Sunset Bistro. Starter of Queenies and Panchetta was lovely but mains were a tad disappointing. Shame really. Back to our initial choice of pub for a couple of pints before heading back to Maelstrom. Sitting here with a whisky and Welsh Cakes. Cheers Jennie M. Nearly midnight and writing this in my bag. Plan is to head to Port Patrick tomorrow, wind and tide permitting.  Off to sleep soon.

Monday - Woke at 8am and started sorting to leave. Doug and I took a stroll up the farm machinery dealer to try and get a fuel filter. No joy. Another good breakfast, cup of tea and off to the shower. Rang Beta UK to see if they had a dealer on the Island. Eventually someone called John rang us back with a number for Ian. Called Ian on his mobile and he said would drop 2 filters over to us this afternoon. Meant we would miss the lock out but would be happier with spare filters on board. So went for a look round the Mannanan museum. Display of early Manx life. Also 100 years of mountain course exhibition. Worth a trip. Ian turned up with filters so should get away tomorrow. Star man.  Back on boat now having some wine and nibbles in the sunny cockpit. Read books for a while then had a little nap. Last of Jennie's chilli for tea with rice and wine. Yummy. Just chilling now before washing up. Nearly midnight again and a bit chillier tonight. Rob investigating a noisy halyard. Cheers mate wouldn't want that keeping us awake. Off to bed in a bit.

Tuesday Leaving Peel today for the metropolis of Port Patrick. Forecast south easterly 3.Looking good for a sail. Ok, sail started off good with boat speed up to 7.5 knots. Only needed to average 5.5 to make Port Patrick. Pilot book advises not to approach within 2 hours of low water so had to get there by half 6. No problem then except the incoming mist/fog and wind dying to 5 knots. On with the engine then and Genoa stowed on deck. Towed a spinner all the way hoping for a bit of fresh mackerel but to no avail. Thankfully we had the forethought to buy some Manx kippers in Peel. Yummy. Kippers and brown bread for lunch, a cold beer and sun. Does life get any better? Arrived safely and slightly sunburnt at Port Patrick around 5.15pm. Lots of birds nesting in holes around the harbour walls, especially starlings. Decided I should pop up mast to rig courtesy flag halyard after we had sorted a fender for the ladder we had tied alongside. This resulted in Rob opening the cockpit locker and knocking over his own pint of beer into the gas locker. Bless him. Came down from the mast to find a bird had deposited a  little hello package on the skippers cockpit seat. Went ashore to refill water containers and dump rubbish, locate loos etc. Popped to the Crown Inn for a pint and meal. Delicious food. We all had Cullen Skink to start followed mainly by fish except Rob who had Pheasant. Back on boat now for a little nightcap. Lots of bats buzzing about in the harbour. Plan tomorrow is to head to Rathlin Island at the top of Northern Ireland, a distance of about 45 miles. Off to my sack soon after topping up on scotch.

Paul Moseley