Pembroke Haven Yacht Club

Hobbs Point, Pembroke Dock

Autonomy trip to Lundy

Lovely sail down to Lundy – broad reach the whole way with 15 to 20 knots of wind, a bit splashy but consistent speeds of 7-8 knots meant we arrived a bit early really so it was a little lumpy round the North tip of the island.  It was a tad chilly despite the bright sky. Dolphins for company a lot of the way.


We anchored in the lee of the island just off the jetty,  had a bite of lunch and were just setting off in the dinghy when Carpe Diem followed us round the corner.  We went for a brisk walk around the island to build up an appetite for dinner at the Marisco tavern.

Sailed back the next morning – pushed the tide a bit – but it wasn’t too bad.  wind ranged from 8-12 knots from SW so just enough for a reasonable sail.  Got back to Hobbs point, cleared up the boat and managed to get last orders at the club.



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Maelstroms trip home

Thursday 2nd May

Light winds and more sun forecast for today so the gate opened at around 10am and promptly saw a mass exodus of boats out of the harbour. Leonore was towing a ferrow cement gaffer round to face the gate and by the time they let the line go poor old Alan had missed the gate but the gaffer motored straight out. Having spun himself back round Alan followed on. Peter George and Barry Kingston have all headed off to so even less boats in the harbour. Have run some reefing lines in the main ready for tonight's departure. Plan to leave on tonight's gate and sail overnight back home. Hopefully make the club for a pint at 5pm depending on tiredness. Rob doing breakfast as I scribble this whilst Doug and Chris chat to our new neighbours for the day Bob and Ruth Keys. They plan to leave on Saturday so at some point will have to swap places with us as we are inside boat. Doug, Chris and I went on Jaws 11 for a high speed trip round the bay. The driver stopped off at the place the old MFV Courageous was lost on Monday morning. Work boat gone up there to try and recover the engines. Those that have been to Padstow for May Day will know Courageous as the boat in the corner by the Shipwright. Been coming here for 25 years apparently, darn shame she came to such an end. All persons were ok tho. Looks like power nap time again judging by my return from a stroll and Rob being the only awake soul. Popped up the Shipwright to check the tables were back and that Rack of Ribs was still on the menu for our last supper before tonight's departure. There was a group of local old boys having a sing song in the beer garden which was very entertaining. Supper done and a little snooze before departing gate at 2215hrs. Very light winds from the south west so motor sailing to make some headway. Cleared Newlands island at 2300hrs and set George the task of keeping us on course home. Dolphins with us almost immediately and were a source of company most of the night. Very clear sky although the moon was hiding till mine and Robs watch at 0200hrs. We unfurled the headsail and turn engine off at half 4 cos the wind was up to 12knts by then. Been sailing ever since and now directly opposite Milford at 1031hrs. Been a cracking sail with slight seas and the forecast SW 14-17knt wind. Safely on Hobbs point pontoon and just the sorting personal stuff out to do.

Thanks to James for uploading these blogs and hope anyone who has read it has enjoyed. This is me signing off till next time. Take care all and enjoy your sailing.


Leonore leaving Padstow


Mayday celebrations in Padstow

Wednesday 1st May (Mayday)

We woke up to another stunning blue sky after our slightly later night. The drums are banging and the OSS has been sighted at the other side of the harbour. Hopefully will get a photo or 2 later as it passes to post with the blog. Had a very short look at the radio speaker this morning but once we took the front off it was obvious it wasn't going to be a wiring issue but a new speaker. Anyone who has ever been to the so called chandlery here knows that means a job for when we get back. Lol. Breakfast done and washing up sorted we have been joined by Alan and Andy to check weather forecast. We advised them to follow our lead of looking at several and picking the best. No point in picking a bad forecast if another site give a nicer trip home. Crowds are building around the harbour now, so sitting here in the cockpit gives you that feeling of animals in a zoo. No adverse comments on that please!!

Done worrying about weather now and been over to Rock but unfortunately the yacht club was shut so ended up over the road at the Mariners. Lovely group of drunk, loud Essex types there. Luckily they popped off to get the ferry so we had a 2nd pint and let them go. Back on board now eating crisps and nuts left over from Scotland. Still surprisingly fresh. Pasties warming in oven then I may need a power nap.

Lovely and warm today so ideal mayday weather. There we are sitting quietly and all of a sudden there seems to be a jamming session going on on Leonore ( Alan Pritchard's boat with) some guy filming it. Not sure what that was all about, will have to ask Alan later. Power nap done now. Nice to go to sleep warm and wake up warm cos for all the daytime sunshine the nights are a bit brisk.

Whilst Paul was power napping, Doug and Chris went to reinforce the wine cellar and stopped off at the Harbour Inn to imbibe some local libation, as you do. came back to see some of the locals jumping into the Harbour, obviously drink was having an effect as some guy grabbed his girlfriend so that both ended up in the water.

Evening meal done on the boat. Curry and rice with red wine. Oh and 2 tins of stewing steak thrown in for extra meat. Blue OSS has just passed by. Not seen much of the parade today. Doesn't seem to be about as much as other years, maybe it being midweek has something to do with that.

Anyway off now to have a few pints before bed is called for. Bed had to wait a bit. Chris, Angela & Liz just arrived on Sol Quest and on the wall by the Customs house. Apparently they are down as a B&B for Amanda and Jack on Friday. Met up with Leonore and Sol Quest for a beer in the Shipwright for a pint before Chris etc headed back to their boat. We invited Alan & Andy back for a nightcap and had a good evening swapping stories. Apparently the group were called Black Friday and it was a charity performance for Air Ambulance to be screen on You Tube. Will have to look out for that. Nearly half one now so time for bed. Hope you all sleep well. We will. Night night.



Maelstrom Padstow 2013

Good morning to you all from another glorious sunny morning in Padstow. Unfortunately it is still very cold unless you're in the sun and out of the wind. Bumped into Barry Kingston and Alison yesterday. Berthed over in the corner on their motor boat. Looking forward to a beer with Alan Pritchard if he makes it down for tonight's gate. Have a good sail mate. Plans for today are getting there. Need to tidy boat a bit cos Jennie is bringing Doug down so can't let her think we are slobs. Lol. Also hope to have a go at connecting new DSC radio to chart plotter bet its harder than the book makes it look. I suppose if we get stuck we can phone gadget man James to help. Failing that I do have the number of Neyland Marine who did talk me thro it last Friday, even if half of what he said went straight over my head. Probably all as clear as muck once we get started. Doug arrived at about half 1 and conducted a quick inspection. Happy with boat so far. Fitted new radio and got it working but struggling to get it to talk to the GPS. Have double checked wiring and we think all is well but probably not, maybe time for a pint and some thinking time.  Couple of pints and thinking time done so back at boat ready to do battle with the darn radio again. Can connecting 4 wires really be this difficult? Ok don't answer that I know who is trying to do this. Yippee wasn't the wiring after all. Chris and I had got that right what we needed to do was a bit of setting up to get the 2 instruments to talk to each other. But all seems good now and kettle on. Not just pretty faces then. John Williams (John the Bank) called by this afternoon. He is staying in the Old Customs house for a couple of days. Think Jenny S may have tipped him off we were here. The fair is all set up in the corner of the harbour and one lad has just decided to jump into the harbour. That's gotta be cold. Been out for food and bumped into Alan Pritchard and Andy who cajoled us into a pint in the Customs house. They had a spell of 4hrs with no wind (lucky Andy) but seemed very happy to be in. Back at boat now for a little scotch and a natter. Bob and Ruth Keys just got in and rafted outside Peter George. Nice to see them here. Bit weary now so scotch is obviously having its desired effect. Night all sleep well.