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Ibiza – known as ‘the party island’.  We had no idea what to expect, but the Island is beautiful.  From it’s amazing sandy Calas (coves), spectacular high cliffs and pine-clad hills all around the coast, to Ibiza Town, the capital, with classy restaurants, a great selection of bars, small boutiques and large fashion stores, art galleries and museums.  We absolutely loved the whole experience.

It was 45 miles from Moraira to Cala de Port Roig where we made landfall at 17.30 after an 11 hour crossing.  We anchored in the bay and spent the evening relaxing and watching a number of boats (or should I say ‘ships’ ?– they were enormous) dropping off their guests at the beachside restaurant or entertaining on board, lit up like Christmas trees! Slightly larger generator than ours we believe!!  The photographs show Superyacht ‘Ace’, one of the vessels anchored nearby with her ‘support vessel’ just around the corner.  The support vessel had various other water toys on board plus a helicopter!  How the other half live!

IMG_3464Early morning departure     IMG_346520180601_21323220180602_09154320180602_091927

We left Port Roig the following morning and headed out to Espalmador, a small privately owned, uninhabited island south of Ibiza and just north of Formentera.   We had been in touch with Eva and Hakan on Sally and were hoping to catch them one last time, before they left for Majorca.   It was only 9 miles to the anchorage off Espalmador and when we arrived we could have been in the Caribbean!  The water was clear bright blue and the sand white as white!

IMG_3473 IMG_3477IMG_3478

We spent almost a week anchored off the island exploring in the Kayak, and on foot ashore, and yet more time with our good friends off Sally before their departure to Majorca, Menorca, Sardinia and beyond. Perhaps we would catch up with them again next year!


Eva & Judith explored an area on the opposite shores on Formentera where a German man has spent over 30 years building various art sculptures.  He returned every year during his holidays to add to the ‘village of stone’.  Now retired, he told them he was able to spend more time in his favourite spiritual place.

IMG_3479Judith watched the Royal Wedding on 19th May!!!t

We Left Espalmador on 22nd May and headed back to Ibiza, passing Isla Vedra as we made our way up the western coastline.  For those of you that are old enough to remember the film, Isla Vedra was used as the location for the South Pacific ‘Bali Hai’.  To us it looked like Tracy Island from Thunderbirds!!


We spent the first night in Cala Bassa which had various caves that we explored in the Kayak and a beach lined with pine trees that is taken up almost entirely by a beach club, boutiques and a Tattinger Lounge.  We took the dinghy, purchased a coffee in one of the smaller bars, and spend a good hour or so people watching!  On googling the Bassa Beach Club we could hardly believe that some of the ‘guest’ (only feet from us), were paying over 200 euros for the privilege of sitting on their sunbed!  By 8pm the area was deserted apart from the few boats anchored in the bay.


On arrival San Antonio we anchored just outside of the marina.  We were contacted through the Dufour owners Facebook page by another owner of a Dufour 43 (not the CC version), who was also anchored in the same area.  We met for drinks (of Course)!!!  They were on board Money Penny when we were approached by the Port Authorities informing us that we were illegally anchored and should either enter the marina or pay for a mooring buoy.  Generally a buoy is cheaper but our new found friends informed us that in actual fact the buoys are normally chargeable from the 1st June at a cost of around 50 euros….this was May and the cost was already 50 euros.  The marina charges were still low season at 45 euros but in their opinion it would be very difficult for the Authorities to fine us if we just remained where we were.  We were in need of water and a battery recharge which would cost us 12 euros for half an hour on the marina pontoon, so we decided to book a berth and stay in the Marina.  On checking in we also found that they offered us 10% discount for being UK Cruising Association members….result!!  We actually stayed 2 nights and unpacked our bikes to explore.

San Antonio is a busy package holiday destination and also home to The Ocean Beach Club.  The Ocean Beach Club is a ‘Day Club’ with music and entertainment all day long. On cycling along the sea front we were able to take a peep at this ‘interesting’ event!!  Judith was glad to remain outside the wall however Alistair would certainly have liked to have been closer to the ‘action’!

We also took a visit to the ‘surf bar’ and sat with a cool pint whilst watching the action. Neither of us were brave enough to join in the fun.

IMG_3519Ocean Beach Club                            XJMJ8101PPPS4768

Next stop was Cala Binirras &Puerto de San Miguel.   We made a stop enroute for lunch and a swim in the most beautiful Cala, Cala Portixol, surrounded by fishermens huts and high cliffs. As it was fairly narrow we decided it was not the best place to spend the night on anchor and moved on to Cala Binirras.

IMG_3530IMG_3527Cala Portixol - Stop for lunch

For the next couple of days we anchored in both Cala Binirras & Puerto de San Miguel, two closely positioned Calas.  The atmosphere in Cala Binirras was fantastic as we arrived on a Saturday and there was a wedding in progress.   The bride and her father arrived by speed boat whilst drummers were beating a rhythm onshore.  We had been told that we should visit this Cala on a Sunday at sundown as that was when the drummers were there.  This was a bonus!  We remained there for the Sunday show as well.  If you ever visit Ibiza this is ‘one’ not to miss.

IMG_3538IMG_3539Cala Binirras

IMG_3544IMG_3545IMG_3546Puerto De San Miguel

The wind changed direction so we moved across the bay to Puerto De San Miguel for a night and took a picturesque walk along the cliff path (via a small beach bar) to the village. 

Our next stop was Portinatx where we anchored overnight before moving to Cala Llonga.  Again Facebook had come into its own!  Two friends of Judith’s, Juliet and her daughter Grace & Sally and her husband Rhodri were arriving in Ibiza over the next few days.  Juliet & Grace were going to be in Cala Llonga on 30th May so we arranged to meet.  Having spoken on the telephone as they were on route from the airport, it was decided to meet later in the day as they were going to have a siesta due to an early start.  We headed ashore for a coffee and then to the supermarket where we bumped straight into Juliet & Grace……Lunch it was then!  We went back to the restaurant where we had had coffee, for lunch, then siesta, and then they joined us on board Money Penny for an evening meal.  It was fabulous to catch up.


The following day we were moving on to Ibiza Town so Juliet & Grace joined us on the passage.  We were unable to sail as the wind was directly on our bow but I think they enjoyed the experience of being on the water.  We anchored in Talamanca Bay only metres from Marina Botafoch which would have cost us 69 euros on 31st May and 200 Euros a night on 1st June!  We had a refreshing swim (which you can’t do in a marina!)and took the dingy ashore for lunch in a beachside restaurant, before Juliet & Grace headed back via the bus to Cala Llonga – speaking to them the following morning we found out that they had such a good time they missed the last bus and had to take a taxi!  We headed into Ibiza town on the water taxi and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon exploring the Old Town and citadel area.


We spent the following day exploring again and then met Sally & Rhodri for drinks when we caught up on news from home, got inside information about Ibiza Town (they have visited on numerous occasions!) and most importantly received ‘gifts’ from home. Namely Marmite which we had run out of…..Sally you were a life saver!


Our time in Ibiza was drawing to a close but we had been extremely surprised at how much we enjoyed our time here.  We will definitely be back.  We spent our final night in Cala

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