Pembroke Haven Yacht Club

Hobbs Point, Pembroke Dock

Maelstrom relaxes in Padstow

Monday 29th April 2013

Good morning all and a glorious morning it is too. Sun is shining in between the clouds so the boat now resembles a huge washing line with all wet weather gear, various hats and towels getting dried. Breakfast is on courtesy of head chef Rob whilst Chris and I tighten the rigging a tad. Nothing major planned for today except some boat maintenance and possibly a lunch time pint. We will need to provision at some point because what we seem to have stocked up most on is Diesel and we haven't used much of that. Another breakfast of fruit juice and muesli with natural yogurt was rejected in favour of the full fry up, tea & toast. Damn nice it was too. Washing up all done and onto the greasing of all Maelstroms winches. Peter George from Milford is rafted outside us and made some comment on how generous it was for our skipper to let us do boat maintenance so that obvious boredom, until he arrived, could be avoided. We agreed, but did decline his reasonable offer of work on his boat to help us further pass our time. Instead it was noted by the ships clock that the sun had in fact managed to get itself over the yard arm, so not being a crew that wants to break any traditions we reluctantly dragged ourselves over to the Old Customs House for a pint. An afternoon power snooze was next on the agenda, then later I put the kettle on for tea and Welsh cakes. The sky is all blue and not a cloud in site this late afternoon, just a shame that the breeze and cold generally are keeping it not sun bathing but more coat type weather.

Next on the list is an evening meal possibly at the Custom House, as two years ago Chris and I had a fantastic rack of ribs which was just about all we could handle. Well that was a bit of a disappointment no ribs on menu. Darn. Still, was funny to watch the over zealous football fans watching Aston Villa and Sunderland. Don't suppose its anything like that when Wales are being supported down the club. Off for a quick one in the Golden Lion and then an early night. Got to be looking our best when the skipper arrives. Night all.


Maelstrom’s Padstow run


Sunday 28th April 2013

The skipper thought it would be a jolly good idea if the boat was waiting for him in Padstow harbour when he got back from his holiday to Maderia. He had, with much husbandly persuasion, managed to get Jennie to pop him down to Padstow on the way back from Bristol airport. The obvious harbour between Bristol and East Williamston.

Anyway a motley crew consisting of the 3 stooges was assembled and sworn in to deliver Maelstrom safely to Padstow (missing any submerged rocks on the way). Much discussion was had on safety issues, supplies and command before Chris, Paul and Rob were hand picked for the job. Every one else apparently was busy.

Boat was fuelled and watered by Chris and Paul on Friday afternoon just in time to get to the club bar and liase with Rob on food and drink supplies. This is all going too smoothly we thought. Stilll, the plan was to meet at Hobbs Point at 6am on Sunday morning to enable a 7am getaway to catch the evening gate at Padstow. So amazingly, as planned, we were all there and finally left at 0625. What could possibly go wrong. Well almost nothing as it seems. Passed thro St Anne's head at 8am, passed a sleepy Autonomy over in Castle Bay. Motor sailed to Rat buoy then unfurled Doug's new genoa and started sailing. Turned off the engine (well Rob said have you seen the price of diesel these days) and had a very nice sail for 10 hours before the forcast Westerly going North Westerly 12-15knts actually went Southwesterly to Southerly 18-24knts so had to motor sail the last 2 hours in against the tide. Darn. Still can't complain cos we were in early, tied up and boat sorted ready for the Skippers arrival on Tuesday, Unusual for Maelstrom, and possibly cos the Skipper wasn't here to instil discipline, we wandered aimlessly about till we found somewhere warm to sit down and discuss the trip. Fortunately and completely unplanned the place we chose to get warm actually sold beer. Stroke of luck really. Hope the skipper doesn't find out about our slight lapse in discipline.

Saw lots of dolphins on the way but only in small groups. Still helps to pass the time and even old people like us enjoy seeing them. Well I have just about had enough of writing this now so gonna stop. Have just eaten my home made curry as supplied by Chris and desert of Pecan nut slice thingy, very tasty both of them were too. All washed down with some cheap Asda stubby beers. Night all.

Maelstrom arrives in Padstow

Never ones to risk cutting it fine, Paul, Chris and Rob have setup camp in Padstow well in advance of the first of May.  Paul says he may consider writing for the blog – but is concerned that it may all be about food and drink again …